Introducing SpacePOM

Our Upcoming Platformer for Windows and Mac!

In SpacePOM, you take the role of a lovable dog hero and explore through expansive spaceship levels. The gameplay centers on relaxed platforming, investigation, and puzzle solving.

Our story begins when the spaceship “Halen” suddenly returns to Earth’s orbit. 30 years ago, dog-kind sent the Halen on a historic mission to investigate a mysterious transmission from deep space. Now the ship is back, but Earth has received no communications from the crew. SpacePOM, a private contractor, is hired by the Bureau for Astronomical Research and Cartography to find out why.

Join this rocket-propelled Pomeranian’s adventures through the derelict spaceship, on a quest for answers. Use your wits and jetpack skills to help SpacePOM dodge hazards, collect items, perform repairs, and progress through the spacecraft. With luck, we can discover why the ship vanished for so long, where the crew has gone, and what may be hiding in the shadows…

About Us

Wrong Tree Studios is a brand-new independent video game development startup from Chicago. Our first title, SpacePOM, is currently in development, with a planned release in 2021.

Embracing industry trends, Wrong Tree is an entirely online business; all of our management, development, marketing, and distribution take place over the Internet. Wrong Tree is based in Chicago, but, because our business is conducted online, we collaborate with an experienced team of developers around the US.

The Team